About Us

The BAC Local 15 Apprenticeship & Training Fund was established to provide Apprenticeship, Journeyperson, and related training to all members and signatory contractors within its 140 county jurisdiction in Missouri and Kansas. BAC Local 15 MO/KS/NE provides Apprenticeship Training for Bricklayers, Pointers, Caulkers, Cleaners, (PCC) as well as Marble, Tile and Terrazzo. Our first priority is Apprentices, replacing retiring members and keeping up with industry demands for more Craftsmen. Through our Pre-Apprenticeship programs we are keeping pace. Our second but just as important priority is our journey level training upgrades and certifications. These courses are necessary to keep our members trained and our contractors competitive. 

The future of Union Masonry absolutely depends upon understanding the new technologies, materials, equipment, and processes that are ever changing in our industry. To do this we must first change our old attitude. If we are to command top wages and benefits then we must provide top quality craftsmanship, a high level of productivity, and practice safe work habits. This means we all will, from time to time return to the training center to receive additional training and/or certifications. Any successful company today requires its employees to receive training as needed; the construction industry is no different.