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About Us 
The BAC Local 15 Apprenticeship & Training Fund was established to provide masonry training to all members and signatory contractors within its 140 county jurisdiction in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.  BAC Local 15 Apprenticeship & Training Fund is a joint Labor and Management Trust Fund established to provide Apprenticeship related training for its Union Members and Signatory Contractors within the jurisdiction of BAC Local 15 MO/KS/NE. The Apprenticeship & Training Programs are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and governed by a Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) made up of both Labor and Management. Four full time Training Centers are maintained to serve the needs of our members and signatory contractors; they are located in North Kansas City MO, Jefferson City MO, Springfield MO, and Omaha NE.

Committed to developing a quality, responsible, well trained workforce. Today's competitive and demanding construction industry requires that our Tradesman posses the highest level of experience and training. Training provides customer confidence. BAC Local 15 understands the critical role that quality workmanship plays in construction. Our craft provides not only structural load bearing walls but watertight, weatherproof, and at the same time aesthetically attractive walls in various materials or a combination of materials. BAC Local 15 Apprenticeship & Training Fund is playing a vital role in assuring owners, architects, and general contractors that members trained in our training program are receiving the highest quality training in the industry. Training makes everyone profitable. The training program is funded by contributions from the contractors and the BAC members. Apprentices pay no tuition while receiving wages for their work. This commitment to training is proof that when Union Contractors are on the job, customers can expect the best, most highly qualified craftsman available. Think of what this means to owners and developers, they can rest assured that their project will be completed on time. Quality standards will be met which translates to few if any callbacks. Tenants move in faster, income can be generated sooner.

Team IMI
The International Masonry Institute offers quality training for craftworkers, professional education for masonry contractors and free technical assistance to the design and construction communities. IMI is a strategic alliance between the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) and their signatory contractors to promote quality masonry construction. Team IMI consists of architects, engineers, construction managers, skilled craftworkers and instructors, offering what no other group can: expertise in training, craftsmanship, design, installation and marketing. That means buildings built by union craftworkers and contractors get built the right way. 

IMI’s network of 12 regional centers and the National Training Center in Maryland offers training at all career levels, from apprentice to supervisor, in all the masonry crafts: brick/block, tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, restoration, refractory, plaster and cement, plus new products and systems. 

Our Team

Ronnie Heinse - Apprenticeship Coordinator
Jansen Rudy- Instructor Brick-PCC
Joseph Celli- Instructor Tile-Terrazo-Marble
Jeremy Wayman - Instructor Brick
Sonny Hibbs - Instructor PCC
Tammy Stuhlman- Office Administrator