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Bricklaying is the oldest and most highly respected of the construction trades. A bricklayer is a skilled craftsperson, who using their talents and training is able to properly position masonry units of all types such as, brick, block, stone, granite, glass block, and precast materials to create efficient, beautiful buildings and other structures. Refractory work requires the bricklayer to install a variety of fire brick and gunite various refractory materials in all types of manufacturing and refining facilities.

The bricklayer’s role in the construction of buildings is normally, but not limited to building various wall types, paving systems, and landscaping. The work must be coordinated with other trades to insure the buildings and projects are completed on schedule.

It is very rewarding to look back at the projects we have been a part of throughout our careers.

Pointer, Caulker, Cleaner (PCC)

PCC is probably the most diversified trade in the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union. A Pointer or Tuckpointer removes and replaces mortar between masonry units. The Cleaner aspect is the cleaning of all masonry surfaces. A Caulker applies sealants to expansion joints in new and old buildings.

A PCC does much more besides pointing, cleaning and caulking including, but not limited to below and above grade waterproofing, water repellants, stone and terracotta patching.

A PCC craftsworker has the opportunity to restore old masonry buildings that have existed for decades.

Our craftworkers also work on new buildings that will some day be restored decades later by future PCC Craftworkers.

Marble, Tile, and Terrazzo

Significant prospects exist for the tile, marble and terrazzo industry in new construction as well as the growing sustainable retrofit market. These materials can improve the performance related to energy efficiency, occupant thermal comfort and indoor air environment. Tile, marble and terrazzo are beautiful and durable finishes that perform well and have excellent life cycle advantages.

Refractory Workers

This is a field where there is a shortage of skilled craftspeople.  Whether you are a PCC, Bricklayer, or Stonemason, you can cross train into this very interesting discipline. 

This craft's specialty is building furnaces and kilns in huge industrial and manufacturing plants