Work Reports

RE: Work Reports

 Effective August 11, 2020

 The Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) has adopted a new work report policy. Apprentices will be informed of their indenture date at the beginning of their apprenticeship. After a minimum of six months from the previous raise date or required hours apprentices will be eligible for a raise if they have met the requirements of Section XI- RELATED INSTRUCTION, Section XII- WORK EXPERIANCES, and Section XXII Records and Examination 1-5 of the Rules & Regulations. Apprentices will be required to submit work hours each month electronically through the apprentice portal. Copies of check stubs corresponding to the hours reported electronically shall be retained and submitted upon becoming eligible for advancement. It will be the apprentice’s responsibility to inform his/her Instructor when they are eligible for advancement AND provide check stubs to verify hours reported for the last period.

 Your raise date is Month, Day, Year. As described in Section XXII Records and Examination 1-5 of the Rules & Regulations, you cannot be 16 hours or more behind in related training and you must have 700 or more hours in the first period and 1400 or more hours in the second period.

 Please submit copies of the check stubs for hours already submitted in the portal since your last raise so they can be verified. To get your raise on time check stubs should be submitted one week prior to your raise date.  

You may submit check stubs two ways.

  1. Legible paper copies of your check stubs may be submitted in person or by mail. At 105 W. 12th Ave North Kansas City, MO 64116
  2. Or by sending a PDF file of legible check stubs to Tammy Stuhlman at [email protected] AND RJ Heinse at [email protected]     

 Hours submitted less than one week before your raise date does not guarantee you will receive your raise on time. Please allow 2-3 business days to process. If any of the check stubs are ineligible or illegible you will be notified. Your prompt attention to any discrepancies will greatly enhance our processing system and avoid delays in your raise. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information, any delays could affect your raise date. Once verified a raise letter will be sent to you and your contractor with an effective date. You will be eligible for a raise six months after that date. You are strongly encouraged to submit the hours monthly into the IMTEF Portal. Nevertheless, all hours must be submitted into the portal for the correct months before you submit your check stubs for approval.


Ronnie Heinse Jr

Training Director